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ChemStrip (APR) is a small business, based in Colchester, Essex. Working principally in Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and covering all the East Anglia area, from cities such as Chelmsford and Norwich, large towns like Ipswich, to the smaller towns such as Bury St Edmunds and Maldon, and in villages like Helmingham and Cavendish, and many more locations throughout this area. ChemStrip (APR) has been providing specialist paint removal answers to all manner of customers for several years, taking on projects of all sizes. These have included Churches, Guildhalls and Listed Buildings, working for Architects, Building Contractors, Essex County Council and numerous privately owned properties’. Providing a specialist service for all your internal and external paint removal requirements, including as standard work, Oak Beams, walls, floors, staircases and panelling etc. As a small business my reputation is founded on the quality and reliability that is essential in carrying out this type of work. All work is fully insured and I only take on one job from start to completion at any time and can provide viability testing on site and supply references and portfolio if required.


Chemical paint removal is the primary element of my work, applying premium quality poultice or solvents from a reputable local supplier. The use of these various chemicals allowing for the safe removal of coatings from most surfaces without damage. These systems produce a genuine restored finish, and have the added benefit that not only is the treated area returned to its original and unique condition, but critically allows that area to breathe or ventilate, unlike the overpainting methods, thus helping to improve issues with damp problems and/or allowing for further treatment if required. The chemical system has a further advantage in that it can safely remove hazardous coatings such as lead based paint without contaminating the environment. Additional services include removal of bitumen coatings and acid stripping for cleaning brickwork and removing Lime Wash and other substances and also patio/driveway cleaning. I can also provide a refinishing service for stripped surfaces.


There are a variety of paint removal methods being used today, many of which rely upon high pressure systems and some form of aggregate to remove the paint in its applied form, which can be very aggressive and easily damage surfaces such as soft red bricks, lime renders and Oak Beams. There are also methods which overpaint the existing, in particular oak and other wood, giving it no chance to breathe at all and concealing the splendour of a natural wood finish. With chemical removal, providing this is carried out correctly, the paint is turned into a liquid form, making it easier to remove with washing at a much lower pressure, therefore preserving the surface underneath. This chemical system of paint removal is a valid and approved method, accepted and endorsed by many organisations such as Councils, local Authorities and the various Conservation Bodies.

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Chemical paint removal required of all exterior walls
Completed work after chemical stripping system

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